Don’t be fooled, yeah don’t get lied to, love was always cruel.

November 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

  “I’m loosing my mind again” – My favourite gameThe Cardigans.

 It’s those quiet moments, they’re the ones that get you, they’re the ones where you drop your guard, when your head hits that pillow or when you push that bolt across on that bathroom door and all of a sudden your alone with your thoughts. You’re left to review the day, the choices you have made and all the bad things you have done. Your brain will always be the most valuable thing you own but it’s very important to remember that your stuck with it and if it wants to focus on the bad things in life sometimes it just will, especially if you have something to feel guilty about. I think everyone’s brain, when left alone and given enough time, will throw up that unpleasant memory even if it is just to keep you on your toes.

I’ve always had this thing in my brain that made me do things I was afraid of. It’s the bit that was so prepared for the risk that it had already come to terms with failure and that it made it so there was nothing to loose. It’s the bit that has thrown me in at the deep end on more than one occasion and I am yet to regret it. It’s that silent determination that promises you that you will achieve your goal, you just have to mean it. At the moment that thought is screaming for Paris. At the moment that thought has promised me that if I can get to Paris I will see that girl again. So the second I leave America I will be flying straight there. I have very little in the way of a plan. I can’t even remember the hotel, god, I can’t even remember her name for god sake! The more I talk about it the more absurd it seems, but absurdity has stood in my way before and I have overcome it. I have bought my ticket, if she knew she’d run a mile.


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