New Year in New York.

November 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

 “A great place for architects and dilettantes”-Black History Month– Death From Above

I have something in the pipeline, something big, another trip. I’m currently back home but this is where I have all my best ideas. San Francisco to New York City on a paupers budget. I’m going to try and beg steal and borrow my way across the richest country in the world. I fly from Luton tomorrow. Just me on this one, friends are fine company but dead-weight in this sort of insanity. I’m excited. God I’m excited. This is a great idea. If you reading this in America I could need you real soon, don’t be shy if I could sleep on your floor that would fucking rock and I will take you out and we can find some trouble, so email, my details are on here on the page on the left. Other than that it’s strangers and hitch-hiking from here on in. It’s bad food in bad diners. It’s eat or drink with the money I will be on. It’s sleeping on floors and in cars. It’s beg stealing or borrowing and I couldn’t be looking forward to it more. Europe served me and my friends with love laughter and tragedy, like every good play-Now it’s time for the United States of America to step up to the plate.

New year in New York? Yes, please.


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