Help – A footnote.

December 17, 2010 § 1 Comment

Bulleproof – I wish I was.” – Radiohead 

It’s scary isn’t it? Life. Sometimes you loose that insane confidence, everyone does. But it’s the truly crazy who get it back. They don’t take that shit. They have no time to sit around or getting stuck in ruts. It’s like some magic drug that lasted for years and now comes the comedown. I’m in a rut and I want it back. So how do I get it back? You fucking tell me, I’ve never had to get it back before.


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  • Dr. W says:

    What I have learned from being in a rut or even when I have a writer’s block is that I have two choices:

    1. If it’s not too bad, just try find out what will get you out of the rut. Do something different, it can be whatever. Just try to be observant if it is actually working.

    2. Just try to ride it out and learn from it. Especially with writing as it can fuel your creativity, but also keep in mind, if you push it too hard it might just prolong it.

    It really sucks to be in a rut. Would be nice tho to have an anti-rut drug. You’re in a rut or have writer’s block; take the anti-rut drug and bam you’re fine again.

    Take care.

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