Hey there’s no hell when you die so don’t look so worried.

March 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

“And we were young and we were innocent like a couple of kids in the back row our tempos would always skip.” – Gold & Steel – Isaac Graham.

There’s always that one person who sticks in your head isn’t there? That one person who you think was perfect. It’s always that one that got away even if there were others who did so. It’s sentimental I know, but I still really like it. It’s a strange hope and if I was to analyse it for longer than a fleeting thought I’m sure I would remember exactly why I didn’t twist myself up trying to get her back, then I remember that I did. There’s always one for everyone, but they don’t always match, and that’s why they aren’t together. I thought it was just me for a bit but then a television show reached into my head and pulled years worth of careful thought out and put it into a neat half hour segment, even finding time to inject humour and adverts. We should listen more to these show kids, they don’t mention how much they have to offer. There’s not much you can do about the long-term thoughts. You have to iron them out. There’s no short-term fix, times the only healer for that shit and yes its very hard and yes it takes a lot of control, but fuck it.

Fuck it is a phrase I was a lot in case you hadn’t noticed. It’s the cut of point when I either run out of thoughts or stop being comfortable.


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