Like that show about the little boy who lives with Charlie Sheen.

March 3, 2011 § 1 Comment

“The run I was on made Sinatra, Flynn, Jagger, Richards, all of them look like droopy-eyed armless children.” – Charlie Sheen.

Far be it from me to name drop, I mean really, I find name dropping a disgusting practise. “So you were once in the same room as someone who actually achieved something? Wow, you’re so fucking cool.” Give me a break. But I once had the fortune of meeting Charlie Sheen. Now I’m not claiming that I was his best friend, even though he might have told me he was, it was just a one-off meeting that will not be repeated. It was in Vegas. A lot has been said about him in the press recently and it’s all been the same sort of far right attitude to drugs. “How could you do this Charlie?” “What are you playing at Charlie?” “You’re in two and a half men Charlie! You can’t be taking crack!” Well let me tell you that Sheen is a card-carrying holder of the hardcore. He’s like that moment when you pick up a guitar for the first time and your blood turns and you think you might just be a rock star, but constantly. In his veins is that insane amount of love and passion and the desperate hope to express it all at once. He was sat in a very private V.I.P section that I managed to blagg my way into on press credentials. I noticed him in the corner with two women, it was definitely Sheen, I knew straight away. Due to my job I get access to environments I would not be able to afford, this means I see a fair few.  The policy I have with these people is to basically ignore them in the nicest possible way. They get strangers coming up to them all the time wanting conversation and they don’t need it from me. But it just so happened that I wanted to play some black-jack and so did Sheen. So I’m at this black-jack table with Charlie Sheen in Vegas and I’m on fire. I mean really, my streak of luck in this game was unreal, the powers that be were certainly starting to get suspicious but I had nothing to hide. I won a hand after drawing on a 18, 3, 21 Sheen looked up and just said “Shit, win, that was unreal man!” He had obviously been indulging himself in some way and for sometime. That was the start of a night went on for a few days. The thing you have to understand something about Charlie, he’s insane in the most charming way. If you buy into his insanity this man is Jesus Christ, if you let it lie he’s a junkie kook. He’s crazy in the coconut. I heard his interview on Good Morning America and apparently he’s clean now and looking to sue CBS, we will see about that. God bless that mad man.

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  • .I find it absolutely amazing that there is stories about Sheens behavior with all.of the really important topics to be written about and commented on. Its sad since I think hes really funny on film but hes not that funny in real life.

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