Live and love.

April 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

“By the second verse dear friends, my head will burst my life will end so I’d like to start this one off by saying, live and love.”

There was a place reserved in hell for us should we have fallen foul of whoever’s guns, car and cociane it was. Of that we were certain. We maintained no illusions. The price to be payed for taking the items would be constantley looking over our shoulders. We had a plan this morning. It was simple. Drive to the nearest town, buy a car, any car, with cash. Torch the Dodge. Sell the coke? Take the coke? Take the coke? Sell the coke? Keep the money. And the guns? we might be needing the guns. I’ve never had to fire a gun in anger in my lifetime, I would love to think that if it came down to me or him it  would always be him, but I’m not sure it would. We hit the road hard. I was driving she was watching the road, for fast approaching cars, cops, anything at all. She had tucked the shot-gun and the shells under her seat after firing off a few rounds at some beer cans in the heart of the desert. She was a natural. The pistol was in the glove and the money bag was in the boot with the coke.

We where on route 95 I think, going towards Fallon. We found a place called Edington motors and parked around the corner. Rosey waited with the coke, the cars and the guns. There was a moment, I’m not going to lie, when I saw in her eyes that she thought I would take off with all the money. “Leave half here” She said. ” You the car, the coke and the guns.” I told her “And anyway, I saw you with those beer cans, I wouldn’t last a second on the run from you.” She smiled and I was free. I crossed the street and walked into the office. It was clean with electric fans going all around and pictures of famous race cars on the wall. I was greeted by a middle-aged man, confident, sleazy, your typical used car salesman his name tag read “Eric” He swaggered over to me with that “I got this one guys, another sale for Eric, this is how it’s done” walk. “Hi there sir!” he said in his cheerist voice, “Hello” I replied, and walked over to the shy looking salesman in the corner. He was young and nervous, his name was Steven, he had the least starts on his sales chart. Within one hour he would have another. An old Jaguar JX-S in British racing green, a convertible. “We have an old Jag sir, would you like to test drive it.” Steven told me, “Does it run” – “To be honest it’s a little old, but it’ll run.”- “Do you take cash.” And that was that. I stopped at the shop to buy petrol in a can.

I pulled over next to Rosey who was in the charger. “Nice wheels.” I nodded. “You follow me.” I told her and wheel span away towards the strip on road we had just come down from. She chased. The Dodge had more power. It was real fun, to have a tag partner of the desert road. We played for a good hour with our new toys till she span the Dodge and started taking it off-road. I pulled over by the road and watched her drive the Dodge 200 meters out into the desert. She was mad. It was charming. I took the Jag over to near where she had parked. She picked up the mac and the cocaine and put them in the boot of the Jag. She then took the shotgun and fired off a few rounds while smoking a cigerette, straight into the Dodges window. She really let rip. I covered it in petrol, calm as you like she flicked her smoke in and it took. It was like a scene from a movie.

The coke and the guns are a different matter for a different day. Me and Rosey are out of Nevada now and we seem to be getting away with this. Steven is the only real paper trail we have and that’s if they make it as far as Fallon.


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