Calling me home like Hallie Selassie.

July 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

“They don’t have meetings about rainbows.” – The Sixth Sense

I forget what it’s called, that exercise. The one they make crazy people do. Or at least to check if your minds not quite right. Where they make you put pen to paper and just right in the hope that that creepy sub-conscious will come out. It worries me, what would come should I try that. When I was very young I learnt that I considered ignorance bliss. I was a firm believer that not knowing something is there happening is as good as it not happening. My reasons for this was that I didn’t have to deal with it, I could just sit in my bubble and try and smile for the best part, nothing could get at me if I didn’t want it to. But as you grow. As you take note of your surroundings. You start to realise things. You start to consider the responsibility that comes with knowing information and weigh it up against how selfish it is to put your fingers in your ears and start humming. They are situations when it’s fine to be ignorant. Almost healthy to be ignorant. When it is information that will just hurt you.Information that you can’t learn anything from. It takes a strong person to shut off the mind and not listen to such material. But sometimes you have to be even braver. You have to puncher your bubble. You have to step out into the big wide world and learn information to help people. Sometimes it’s very selfish to be ignorant.  Sometimes you have to do things in life that are a bit shit. The joy is not the same without the pain. I am rambling. I hope that made sense. It was much more messy than I intented.

I’m a little messy tonight. I try and make this blog as organic as possible. Something else I learnt when I was very young is that any form of art is valid if it is founded on meaning and truth. To me ability has little to do with art. Anyone can have ability and the best are born with it making it just the result of a gene pool lottery. If the artist means and expresses it in a pure form then that is the promised land. The most beautiful sentence I ever heard was from a very young boy (see “the father and son from exceter” post.) purely because he meant it. Maybe I’m just rambling. Maybe I’m just tired.


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