I was poised for greatness I was down and out.

July 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Newspaper, newspaper, I can’t take much more.” – Milk thistle – Conor Oberst MVB.

It’s been an awful few days. Events in Norway have over shadowed the sun itself. I’ve been close to tears a lot. It still makes me sad that things like this can happen. That’s a good thing I suppose. I should be glad that I’m not cold to it. What has struck me the most is the way that, unlike Columbine or Virginia Tech or 9/11 or the July 7th bombings (in all of which the attacker died during the attack.), there has been no out pouring of hate from the Norwegian people. No effergees being burnt on street corners. No desperate attempts to claw out the eyes of that man as he went into the court house. When Lee Harvey Oswald shot John F. Kennedy his punishment came a few days later but not by the hands of the law of which he was in custody but by the hands of an extremely pissed off member of the public. When asked why he did Jack Ruby simply replied “Someone had to do it. That son of a bitch killed my President”. I don’t know if it’s wrong that I find this understandable and that was only one man. What I do know is that Norway carried itself with an incredible amount of dignity and courage after that bastard shot all those children. It shows how, when faced with such primitive acts, how a modern society is capable of responding in a level headed and calm respectful way.

It is also a footnote to mention that after the 9/11 and July 7th bombing certain right-wing papers started very negative press about Muslims often associating the large majority with terrorism and yet when an extremist christian goes mad and starts shooting kids it’s “because of politics not religion.”. We think we’re grown up. We think that we’re passed it. We are not.

In other news, look at me trying to sell this as a legitimate news venue, this is the longest I have gone on her without mentioning sex, drugs or myself, they found Amy Whinehouse dead in her flat a few days ago. Dear sweet Amy Whinehouse. People bitch and moan about her drugs and her problems but he’s a very clear message from me to you if you are one of those people. – ” Fuck you. Fuck off. If you keep keeping a talent like hers down don’t tut disapprovingly and smirk and say ” I told you so” and “Looks like she should have gone to rehab after all – sort – sort – sort.” when she winds up dead. She needed support and people like you let her down by throwing her to the dogs. I don’t remember you writing “Back to Black” one of the finest albums in recent years. Where’s your contribution? Nil. Nothing. 0. That girl had more soul in her beehive that you have in your whole body.” Far be from me to get emotional. I apologies that that was a lot more blunt and crude than I’m used too.  But I’m sad she’s dead. Real sad. She meant a lot to a lot of people. I’m still sad Ryan Dunn is dead. Like so many I grew up with Jackass. The beauty of the show wasn’t in the stunts performed but in the friendship between all those involved. It was because of this friendship that the audience felt part of the group. A friendship that they could relate too. This is why when Dunn died, even though I had never met him, I felt I had lost a friend. A friend who had made me laugh a lot. A friend who, like Amy, will be missed dearly, by me and many more.


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