Panic on the streets of London. Panic on the streets of Birmingham.

August 9, 2011 § 1 Comment

“And I wonder to myself, will life ever been sane again.” Panic – The Smiths

Oh London. Dear sweet London. London that spearheaded the industrial revolution. London that flew the flag. London that stood up to the Nazi’s. My London. Laid to waste by a bunch of thugs and hooligans. 24-hour news coverage and camera phones make it impossible for the police to get amongst it. To start  breaking skulls. This has nothing to do with the death of a man in Tottenham last week. That was just a peaceful protest that was set upon as an excuse by thugs to try and nick a free t.v. Social sites made it easy to meet. I’m dismayed. Depressed. Those bastards. If I had my way they would have been beaten to a bloody pulp. I fear there will bloody scenes tonight.  I hope there won’t. I held my tongue for a while on this. I have just realised that my thoughts are all over the places. Too much has been said without people thinking. I will retreat a safe distance until my thoughts are together.


§ One Response to Panic on the streets of London. Panic on the streets of Birmingham.

  • Dr. W says:

    Thank you, sir, for this write-up! Thank you!

    Finding more and more writings like this from people that live in London or are from London. While those who live far, far away from London, England and even Europe, seem to prefer saying: “Awww, those poor, poor segregated young people of a lost generation.”

    At the school I’m studying, I’m surrounded by similar people. Not thugs, but those who dropped out of school or wasn’t born with a silver spoon in their mouth, which now are getting up from their arses, going back to school to get an education.

    It might be hard for some to accept, but in the end, you are fully responsible for your own actions. If you sit on your arse all day and collect dole money, you are the reason for that, not society. Sure, sometimes you might fight harder for what you deserve if you don’t have that silver spoon in your mouth, but you can do it, if you want to.

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