Only if your lucky now.

October 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

“Only if your lucky now.”- Ryan Adams – Lucky now

When the night started fading I was alone. That is too say it was just my words rattling around inside my own head. It is in these moments we confide in two types of people, ones we love and ones we don’t give a fuck about the opinion of. When I am king you will be first against the wall. Radiohead. What a band. What a journey to perfectionism. What a way to be. Imagine not settling for the mediocre. Imagine only accepting the best. Imagine being in love. We are lucky because we are indifferent. The ignorant are blissful, they feel no injustice. No betrayal. Just flat what is and isn’t. No lies. Just love. I envy them. I longed to become one of the for-mentioned. This bar is ours. It is. It is a beautiful place. It’s ours. There’s a bar in my brain. Everytime you read this we sit down there. You and me. Literally. Me and you. And I try and be poetic about the shit I am dragging myself through. You just sit and drink whiskey like a saint. Thank you.I love you. I’ve woken up in all sorts of states and places and states and landmarks. In dumpsters and cars in toilets and bars. In beds and motels and hotels and feds and cells and hells and walls and tall tails. I’m for you. There is little ventilation to be had anymore. Such little liberation from this. My fans are my friends but they are a means to an end. An end that may be drawing in like a bus at a stop. Shit. Fuck. You wait for a bus and then it makes no sense. I will return with happiness and love. Just for you. x x


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