The acid kids and the green fishbowls.

November 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Here’s to you Mrs Robinson” – Simon and Garfunkel 

The stage was set. I knew that much at least. Whatever naivety or deprivement  I had suffered to make it this far was irrelevant.  At the end of a long journey, a really long journey, you do not care about you’re luggage. You don’t care about your clothes or your shoes. It comes to a point, at the very end, when you just want to drag your bones over the line, and, just as long as they have a little skin on them, any luggage would be a bonus. I have found myself in this situation. You should too. At some point. It’s when you learn what is important to you. I think, at least. I hope. Because if that doesn’t tell you nothing will. No amount of poor spelling or missed commas. No amount on beauty or intelligence that was allowed to slip through your fingers will ever give way to the fact that who you are is not who you always have to be. People do change but that does not always mean they will or that they should. They just need motivation and belief.


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