A very new head for a very old crown.

November 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

I keep having dreams.” Frank Turner – I am Disappeared. 

People tell me “Better the devil you know.”. What if ever devil I know is boring, predictable, slain. What if they are wrong. What if what I need is a shiny new devil. One that will keep me on my toes, put me on my toes, get me on my toes. We are stupid. I am, at least. We beg for normality in times of unpredictability and the second we level out we complain that the motion is too slow. “Fuck this” we say, we need to mix it up a bit. So we find a new devil. Something new to fight. A new enemy. Until we are too tired to fight and some amateur picks us off like we did so many tired pros before us. It’s snowing here. That eerie silence broken by that strange pitter patter of snow on snow. Almost perfect silence broken in the most gentle way. I like it. I always have – to me there is something overworldly about all this frozen rain. So pure and beautiful. Untouched until we come along with our big clumsy footprints. Shit. All my friends are drug addicts.


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