Scarecrows and school.

April 28, 2012 § 1 Comment

Some scarecrow from high-school that you loved and never slept with.” The Longer that I’m Out Here – Kevin Devine. 

There’s six billion of us. Maybe seven. I think I saw in the news it passed seven. Or got to seven. Seven is definitely in the pipeline. Seven or six, the facts remain that we are all different. It always fascinated me the way they say that no two snowflakes are the same. Every time it snows I my thought reaches the point were it thinks that same thought. “How can they know that?” Maybe there is some bizarre science which lends itself to infinite variables. Even then, if it is infinite variations than it is possible that a thousand the same could fall on the same field in the same day in the same minute. I heard there was a scientist who was nearly driven mad by all of this. He would collect the snow and try and examine as many flakes as he could just trying to find the two that were the same. To prove everybody wrong. It reminded me of me. Trailing the towns. Convinced that I’m not looking for a snowflake the same, but wondering if there is one out there every time it snows. 

What bothered me was, about the scientist, was what if he missed it. What if he had a flake that was the carbon copy of the one that was five or six later under the telescope, he can’t photo everyone? He must have missed something. He must have missed it. He must have missed her.    


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