Let her dance with Fred Astaire

June 21, 2012 § 1 Comment

“Give her a big Miles Davies welcome, let her dance with Fred Astaire.” – Ed Hammell – Open up the gates. 

So I’ve been thinking. Not that glass dulled-eyed, spaghetti train track thinking. Conventional thinking. Straight track thinking. Clean thinking. In life you are given shots at dignity. Many will pass them up without thinking they had a choice. They will blame something. Alcohol, Cocaine, busy or being born fucking bone idle. The facts are. In life. You have to chase. Past that point where the goal pulls away. Past the second and third winds. Past the point when you are choking on your own lungs. Past that bit where your top goes heavy and your legs go light and the torso starts to tower in front of the whole thing leaving you with those wide swearing steps before the heavy fall. Past all of it. Because, when was the last time you had fun without working for it? I realised. I think. That that’s it. To try and fail is better than telling everyone you’re the best and not proving it. Not to them, to yourself. You might be the best. Get off your ass. Let’s fucking see your hand. People lack that, I think. That little voice. The one that whispers those words that rattle around my head just before any big moment. “Don’t think, do.” Rely on instinct. Push through. No good ever came from talk and no action. 

Lazy days need chasing away. 

Prove yourself. 


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