Quits for the next.

July 20, 2013 § 1 Comment

Oh my God, whatever, etc.” Oh my God, whatever etc – Ryan Adams. 

It’s all slow for a reason. It’s apathetic and it’s tired for a reason. I think this might be it this time. I think this might be me. I was all fight. Full of fight. Attrition was never my thing. This was never my thing.

For all my swings there are some misses. No one hits it out of the park each time. For every sun rise there must be a sunset. We owe god a death. He who pays him this year is quits for the next.


Hell, I might just go to bed.


§ One Response to Quits for the next.

  • AguessT says:

    how true and sad this is, like salty melancholic.

    “Melancholia is, I believe, a musical problem: a dissonance, a change in rhythm. While on the outside everything happens with the vertiginous rhythm of a cataract, on the inside is the exhausted adagio of drops of water falling from time to tired time. For this reason the outside, seen from the melancholic inside, appears absurd and unreal, and constitutes ‘the farce we all must play’.” [Alejandra Pizarnik]

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