No junk, no soul.

September 6, 2014 § Leave a comment

You will never understand, how it feels to live your life, with no meaning on control and with no where left to go. You are amazed that they burn so bright while you can only wonder “Why?”.” –Common People – Pulp 


Like life, writing is about momentum. It’s about keeping up that head of steam. Once that’s lost it’s hard to get back. I always found my writing suffered when I lost momentum. Post and articles flowed less naturally. The feeling wasn’t there, it was forced and I could fell that in the words when I read it back. But that doesn’t mean you can’t convey how lost you are. Maybe you just have to feel it? I don’t know. I always just kind of let stuff like that roll. What I have come to learn is that writing has very little to do with education. Now that’s a strange thing to say, allow me to elaborate. I’ve read attempts at portraying desperation from private school kids, grammar school kids, who went on to study at some of the finest universities have to offer. They aren’t worth shit. It doesn’t matter about how well read you are. How much you think you are better than someone without such a prestigious and braggable education. They haven’t got it. They can’t fake that mad and desperation of someone who is spinning wildly out of control and is just hugging their knees and holding on. It just doesn’t work. Maybe they never felt it? Maybe they lack the imagination? Either way it’s not in the words. There’s no soul, no honesty. They keep the reader at a distance like they are scared to be judged or seen as less, or perceived to be on a par with the reader. Fuck these people. No junk, no soul, no fucking kidding. And yet it always seems to be them who pick up the pen. Like it’s their mediums. Imagine the damage the working class could do if someone let them know just how articulate they can be. I would rather read about dole queues and honesty then pimms and cocaine. Another summer spent in the sun. Maybe I’m just as bad as them? Maybe I shouldn’t judge a person on where they went to school, maybe I should just wait for the inevitable judgement? Who wants to shoot first in a duel anyway? If you miss, you’re fucked. Maybe I’m just tired? Maybe I just ask too many questions. 


Shoot first. Fuck it. Maybe you’ll get lucky and miss. 



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